All residents of Lawrence Heights may remain in their community during the Revitalization process if they choose. Demolition has begun in Zachary Court and Site Servicing to begin at the end of January 2016.

The next units to be relocated and demolished are the units in 1 Leila Lane. Best estimate for the timing of the relocation of these residents is 2016.

After 1 Leila Lane, the following remaining units in Phase 1 will be relocated and demolished: 1-29 & 111-133 Bagot Court; 1-87 Bredonhill Court; 41-119 Varna Drive; and 1-78 Cather Crescent. Relocation for these areas will not happen until at least fall 2016 and potentially later.

First units were ready in 2018.

The construction manager will make every effort to limit noisy activities within typical working hours and regularly scheduled vibration monitoring will occur as part of the requirements of the building permit. Regular street sweeping and other dust control measures will also be applied to minimize reduce the scattering of dust and debris.

There will be some road closure along with reroutes of TTC.